You Have Been Lied To!

Hi, I’m Andre.

That handsome devil sitting on the couch above, yeah that’s me. Cute, right? I know. Look, I’m not here to tell you what you already know; you don’t have time for that and do I look like I do? Unless you’ve been living under a rock since The Fresh Prince was still in Bel-Air, you KNOW that you need a website to market you or your business. Right?

You probably also know that having a website that looks like it was designed while Reagan was still in office doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in your potential customers.

But let me tell you what you probably don’t know, so pay attention.

It doesn’t take nearly as long or cost half as much as you’ve been told it does.

You see, you’ve been lied to. Marketing agencies and design firms have continually conspired to keep people just like you believing that it takes AT MINIMUM thousands of dollars and multiple months to produce a beautiful website. Some agencies even convince people that it takes TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

The reason we started Wise Guys Marketing was to help other business owners just like us and just like you. When we first started out, we ran into the same song and dance that I’m sure you’ve heard many times:

“Well Mr. Clueless, the total for your site will be $6000 and it will be ready next year. Ready to go?”

I don’t know about you but we — like most new businesses — were excited to get our new business going and the hyper-inflated cost of getting something so essential to our success felt like a kick in the face. So we decided to do something about it.

What did we do? Glad you asked because…

…We’ve Got An Offer You Can’t Refuse.


(Yes, really,that’s it.  You’re welcome!)

So here’s the deal…

For the lowest price anywhere you’ll get:

Stunning Web Design At A Stunning Price.

Do me a favor. Scroll up and look at that price again. Notice anything unusual?

Before you start making guesses about the color and font let me give you a clue:  it’s the biggest element on this page by a longshot.

Notice how we didn’t hide it way at the bottom of this page or how we didn’t make you read 3 pages worth of sales copy before we finally revealed how much you were going to have to fork out?

That’s because when you’re proud of something you don’t hide it. We made it the centerpiece of this page because we know what a fantastic deal it is and if you’ve ever looked into web design, so do you.

The crazy thing is that we don’t compromise our quality to get you that amazing price — our websites are stunningly beautiful and inexpensive.

Need proof?  Just click on the “Take Me To The Gallery” button to browse the template gallery containing 20+ templates and you’ll understand exactly why we’re so proud of this offer and the opportunity to help you.


Mobile-Friendly And Optimized Design.

You can be forgiven for missing it but in early 2015 Google unleashed a new update that was scarier than a comet hurdling towards Earth with only Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck to save us.

Collectively called Mobilegeddon, this update destroyed many small businesses overnight.

With more than 50% of internet searches originating on mobile devices, Google’s update made it mandatory that websites are “mobile-friendly” if they want to show up in search results.

So that website that your Uncle Bob put together for you back in 2002 immediately went invisible to anyone searching from a mobile device. It was sure nice of Uncle Bob but that’s just not going to get the job done anymore.

Don’t worry though, our team won’t miss a thing (see what I did there?), all of our designs are 100% mobile-friendly and optimized.

Images Worth Their Weight In Words.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

When my 2-year old niece grabs my phone and starts taking pictures of dirty diapers, every inch of the dog’s left nostril and Uncle Bob digging for gold again I have a hard time thinking that those images are worth much more than a “WTF?! Who’s kid is this again?” but who am I to argue with conventional wisdom?

If those pictures are worth a thousand words then wait until you see the images that are included at that stunning price above. We partner exclusively with Shutterstock — the definitive source for jaw-dropping photography and graphics — so that you can pick images that wow your visitors.

Tell Bob to keep his fingers out of his nose, we’ve had enough of that “wow” for now.


Drag & Drop It Like It's... Easy.

So one of the other reasons why big design firms want you to use them is for the follow-up work.

The process goes like this:

1. Sell you an overpriced, overly-complicated website.
2. Bank on the fact that updating it will be too cumbersome for you to handle yourself.
3. Wait until you come running back.
4. Overcharge you (again) for simple maintenance and updates.
5. Don’t give you a kiss when it’s done.

Sounds liberating, right? Exactly…

Our goal is to empower other business owners just like us— not enslave them. So we include the #1 Visual Editor for WordPress websites — for free (a $34 value) — to allow you to quickly and easily update and maintain your own site.

The Visual Editor allows you to simply drag and drop any element on your website to move, resize or update anything. It’s truly amazing.

The Visual Editor is so effective that this entire site — that you are enjoying so immensely — was put together using it.

How’s that for practicing what you teach?

Content. Perfected.

The content is perfect because you craft it.

After all, who knows you, your business, your products and your message better than you? If you think I know how to properly describe lavender soaps, 32 flavors of cupcakes or why you’re the best accountant then I have a $20,000 website and some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you.

That being said, if you’re not a wordsmith don’t worry. Just give our team the basics and they’ll make you sound like Hemingway. Or Mario Puzo.

Freedom. For Free...

As I mentioned above, we’re looking to empower you and your business. So, in addition to everything else, you will have free, lifetime access to our training. Everything from Social Media and website tips to accounting practices will all be at your disposal.

All of our training coupled with the Visual Editor means no more paying someone else to make simple changes.

Then again, if you’re like my mom and the thought of messing with anything more complicated that the microwave scares the daylights out of you, we’ve got you covered.

Come back to us anytime and for a ridiculously small fee we’ll make all the changes you need.


No Surprises Under This Coat. Guaranteed!


We’ve all learned the hard way that if it looks too good to be true, it usually is.

That new house will only cost $100,000. Oh, you want a front door? Windows too?

Next thing you know you’re taking out a second mortgage before you even signed for the first one.

Well not here. There are NO HIDDEN FEES. $797 is all you pay.

If that isn’t good enough, how about this: your satisfaction is GUARANTEED.

We’ll put together a complete preview of your site. If, after we make any changes, you still aren’t satisfied, we’ll gladly refund your entire purchase and you can move on to wiser guys.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

So what do you have to lose?

*NOTE: Some states require sales tax. Complain to your state representatives, that’s not us.

So How Do We Do It?